Student Account: My Badges, Timeline View, and Issued Badges

Students can view badges in a variety of ways through "My Badges"

Click "My Badges"

Badge View

1. See an overview of your earned badges from "Badge View"

2. Push badges into your "Mozilla Backpack"

3. Download your badge's image to your computer

Timeline View

1. View your badges based on the date issued

2. Click on any badge, then "View Details"

3. View the award details

4. Click the right arrow to view the next badge

5. Click the left arrow to view the previous badge

6. Click "Return to Title" to go back to the beginning

7. Click the "+" icon to expand timeline view

8. Click the "-" icon to contract timeline view

Issued Badge View

1. View badges issued through peer or self assessment

2. Click the badge to view the award details or graded rubric

Claim Badge

1. Click on "+ Claim Badge" to use a claim code issued by a teacher

2. Enter the code

3. The claimed badge will now appear in your "Badge View"


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