How To Share Earned Badges

Students can share their earned badges in many different ways through the "My Shares" feature

1. From the student account, click "My Shares"

2. Click "+ Add Share"

3. Click "Enter Share Name Here" to change the name, then click the "check" icon to save

4. Click "No description entered" to change the description, then click the "check" icon to save

5. Click "+ Add Badges"

6. Click on the badges you wish to share, then click "+ Add"

7. Click the badge to see more details, then click "Done"

8. Click the "Left Arrow" icon

9. Share your badges through a direct link, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or LinkedIn

10. Click the "Link" icon to generate a unique link that can be used in resumes, emails, etc.

11. Click on the badges count

12. Choose the individual badges within the group you wish to share

13. To edit this share, click on the "pencil icon"

14. To delete this share, click on the "x" icon

*Note: once deleted, all links will automatically be disabled

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