How To Assign Standards to Rubrics

Standards can be added to all items at one time or individual items.

1. Choose the rubric you wish to edit or create a new rubric

2. Click "Advanced Editing"

For All Items:

1. Click the "+" next to Assign Standards To All Items

2. Select a grade level

 3. Select which standards you wish to use

3. Select the domain

 4. Click the green arrow next to the standard item you wish to add

5. Click the red arrow if you wish to remove a standard item

6. Click "Assign Standards"

7. If you wish to delete an added standard, click on the "x" on the assigned standard

8. The standards assigned will also appear in your list of rubrics, checklists, and badges

For One Item

1. Click the orange "+" on the item you wish to add standards to and follow the instructions above

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