Custom Standards Report Overview

A custom standards report will aggregate results across all rubrics with items that are mapped to the standards. 

1. Click "Analyze"

2. Click "Custom Standards Report"

3. Click "+ Create Report"

4. Click "REPORT NAME GOES HERE" to change the name of the report, then click the "check" icon to save

5. Select the grade level

6. Select the standards you wish to use

7. Select the domain

8. Add standards to the report by clicking the "green arrow" icon

9. If you need to remove a standard, click the "red arrow" icon

10. Click "Create Report"

11. Verify the correct school year, class, and rubric is selected

12. To adjust the date range that rubric results are pulled from, click the date and select from the calendar

13. Click "Print" to print the report

14. To download a CSV file of the report, click "Download"

15. Click "Done" to return to the previous page

16. To edit a report, click the "pencil" icon next to the report name

17. To copy a report, click the "copy" icon next to the report name

18. To delete a report, click the "x" icon next to the report name

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