How To Add, Copy, Move, and Delete Items in a Rubric

Items represent the rows in a rubric. Items can be edited, added, moved, copied, and deleted.

*Note: moving items is only available using "Advanced Editing"

Choose the rubric you wish to edit or create a new rubric

Adding Items:

1. Click the "Add" button on the bottom, left of the rubric

2. Click the text in each column to edit, then click the check to save

3. Complete for all columns

*Note: more than 1 item can be added at once

Moving Items:

1. Click "Advanced Editing"

2. On the right side, click on the down arrow to move items down

3. Click on the up arrow to move items up

Copying Items:

1.Click the copy icon on the right of the item you wish to copy

2. Your copied item will now appear

Deleting Items:

1. On the right side, click the "x" icon to delete an item

2. Click "Yes" to confirm deletion

*Note: Click here for information about rubric columns

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