In Depth Tutorial For Editing & Importing Rosters

Tutorial on editing a CSV document in order to properly import a roster:

*Click here to see instructions on importing a completed roster

Download and open the sample roster CSV file

Student ID (Optional): a unique identifier of letters, numbers, and/or symbols to help manage students

Helpful Tips:

  • Can be used to add students to other classes
  • Can be used to distinguish students with similar names
  • Can be used to add previously imported, but now deleted students

First and Last Name (Required): the only required fields to create a student

Helpful Tips:

  • A student will not appear in a roster without a first and last name
  • Students with similar names can be distinguished through a Student ID or Username
  • Symbols are allowed in name fields
  • Rosters will be sorted alphabetically by last name once imported

Email (Optional): allows for additional features such as emailing completed rubrics

Helpful Tips:

  • One email address per student
  • Additional emails can be added for guardians in a separate field
  • Students will be notified by email during certain events, such as creating an account

Username (Optional): a unique identifier that allows students to access student accounts to manage progress

Helpful Tips:

Password (Optional): sets a password for the username to allow students access to their account

Helpful Tips:

  • 8 character minimum, one upper case, one lower case, at least one digit
  • Students will be prompted to change their passwords upon logging in for the first time
  • A common initial password can help set up accounts since students will be prompted to change their passwords

Grade (Optional): specifies a student's grade level

Helpful Tips:

  • Numeric values 1-12 for grades 1 through 12
  • -1 for preschool students
  • 0 for kindergarten students
  • 13 for post-secondary students

Gender (Optional): specifies a student's gender

Helpful Tips:

  • Default gender is set to N/A

Birth Date (Optional): specifies a student's birthday

  • Month, date, year format (ex: 11/30/2000)
  • When a student turns 13 they are permitted to push badges to their Backpack

Mobile Number (Optional): for additional features such as SMS notifications

Helpful Tips:

  • Students will be notified by SMS during certain events, such as creating an account

Allow SMS Notifications (Optional): enables or disables SMS notifications

Helpful Tips:

  • Defaulted to "no" if mobile number is given and SMS notifications is not specified

Additional Email Contacts (Optional): for parents, guardians or others to support features such as emailing completed rubrics

Helpful Tips:

  • Comma separate multiple email addresses

Additional Tips For Successful Roster Imports

  • Save document as a CSV file
  • Make sure all required fields are completed
  • Passwords must contain at least 8 letters, one capital, and one number
  • Use a Username or Student ID to distinguish between students with similar names
  • Duplicate Usernames and Student IDs are not allowed
  • The system will let you know which fields need to be edited if there are any issues when trying to import
  • Student information can be edited at any time
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