How To Score a Rubric in the Offline App

*Note: Make sure to sync your data before using ForAllRubrics Offline

1. Click on the orange "Go Mobile" tab

2. Click "Go Offline" in Your Web Browser

3. Log into ForAllRubrics Offline

4. Your account will automatically sync

5. Select a rubric

6. Select a new rubric from the drop-down menu if needed

7. Choose the class you wish to score from the drop-down menu

8. Click the orange "+" icon next to the student's name

9. Score the rubric and click "Done"

10. The student's score will now appear next to their name

11. Once you are able to go online, click "Sync Now" to upload your scores

*Note: After syncing, the scores will be removed from the offline app

12. Click "Go Online" to quickly sync and use ForAllRubrics online

13. Your scored rubrics will appear in "My Class"


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