Adding a Single Student to a Class Roster

Instructions on how to manually add a single student to a class roster:

1. In the upper right corner, click the middle menu that says “Admin”, then from the drop down menu, click on “Manage Students”

2. Click on the “+ Add Student”

3. There are two required fields to successfully add a student: "First Name" and "Last Name"

4a. Including a "Student ID" is an easy way to manage students who may be in multiple classes through a unique identifier
4b. Including an "Email Address" allows for additional features such as emailing completed rubrics
4c. Including a "Username" allows students to access student accounts to manage progress

5. Once the student's information is entered, click on the "Save" button

6. Once saved you should be able to see your student in your class roster

Descriptions for Student Fields:

Student ID: a unique identifier to help manage students
Email Address: allows for additional features such as emailing completed rubrics
Username: allows students to log into student accounts to manage progress
Initial Password: sets a password for the username to allow students access to their account (students will be prompted to change their passwords upon logging in for the first time)
Account Status: if the student account is active, the student will be able to log in; if it is disabled, the student is not able to log in
Nickname: adds a nickname for the student
Profile Picture: replaces the default profile picture
Gender: default gender is N/A
Birthday: when a student turns 13 they are permitted to push badges to their Backpack
Grade Level: specifies a student’s grade level
Additional Email Addresses: for parents, guardians or others to support features such as emailing completed rubrics
Mobile Number: provides a number for SMS messages
Allow SMS notifications: enables SMS messaging

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